Unconditional Love ?

Our children are our greatest teachers!


Think about what YOU have most come to learn through parenting your child?

There are ways you cannot change your child even if you should wish to. 

There are ways teachers, family, and society cannot change your child even if they should wish to. 

This makes our amazing children our greatest teachers of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

As you feel the feeling of peace with yourself, and with your child exactly as things are right now…You free yourself!

As you choose to feel good for this moment without requiring something or someone to change to make that happen …You free yourself!

When you find the feeling of happiness without needing anything to change to feel it…You free yourself!

This is an amazing life journey for sure.

An invitation, or an opportunity to come into our wholeness, our bliss – and we have the greatest teachers and guides.

When you try and make your life work by controlling conditions around you, you will become stuck soon enough.

There are ALWAYS conditions you can’t control. 

I hope you enjoy this simple Tapping Video to take you more fully each day into your own experience of loving both your child/ren & yourself unconditionally ??

Love -Unconditionally, Lindsay #PeaceWithPDA ???