Conversations That Count with #PeaceWithPDA

Lucy Parker

Lindsay Guttridge #PeaceWithPDA


I’m Lindsay, your Heart & Soul Guide here at Peace With PDA

I am here to help YOU find peace as a parent of a child with PDA. 

I also love to make real connections with others who support parents of children with PDA and have ‘Conversations That Count’

I know you’ll enjoy meeting our guest today Lucy Parker

Lucy gives so much to parents all over the world, but I’ll start by telling you what she’s given to us!

Lucy is an astounding Well Being Coach for parents, and could not before supportive or understanding of parents with PDA.

Today she’s going to chat with us about trauma. 

Trauma in parents is a specialism for Lucy and something she recognises is regularly affecting parents of children with PDA. 

You can connect with Lucy via her website

Watch the interview on YouTube Here>>>