2 years ago when our daughter was diagnosed I opened both a public page and a closed group for parents on Facebook called ‘Peace With PDA’.

My intention was to bring any parents together who, like me, were interested in growing their own self awareness, building resilience, & finding unconditional love & freedom through, not despite, raising a child with PDA.


Peace With PDA

By raising our own self awareness and by using simple techniques like the ones I’ve picked up through my work as a Counsellor, Parenting Coach & Energy Therapist we can feel stronger, calmer, and find peace in our lives. 

I really want for our children to know their innate value and to hold on to the freedom and joy they were born knowing as their own. 

I want all our children to be safe and happy and celebrated. 

We focus a lot of making the environment suitable for our precious PDA Pandas to thrive in but I think we, ‘Society We’ and maybe even ‘Individual We’ forget how much of their environment is in fact US! How we feel, how peaceful we are, how accepting we are, how well we are, what beliefs we carry, and therefore how we live & love our lives. 

I want YOU to know your total value and worthiness. 

You, dear parent, sat at home reading this now. I don’t write to get my work shared or grow followers. I write to reach out from my heart to yours. You are my tribe. 

Maybe YOU are feeling isolated, invisible, even broken & lost, but I see something so much more glorious that you are tuned into right now.

I guess this is an invitation!

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Peace With PDA

I want to talk about the power of our ‘Collective Consciousness’. Our shared hopes, ideas for change, and powerful attitudes which unify us as a group of conscious parents. 

As we come together and get in touch with our true emotions, our energy-in-motion (emotions) we make new beginnings!

Together we are being aware and choosing our place in this world deliberately where we are celebrating ourselves for the sensitive beings we are. The light bringers, the change makers, the soothers, the advocates, the open hearted and loving!

Lining ourselves up with all we truly are.

As we embrace the contrast that shows up in our lives and celebrate how that helps us see so clearly what we DO want for us and for our children, we are laying down an important path ahead. 


Peace With PDA

No one else can do this for us. This is our call to step up for our children, and for ourselves which is where all change truly happens. 

Allowing ourselves more than ever in our lives to expand into allow we’ve become and live it out together. 

We feel not enough, we feel unworthy, we feel lost even – but no. It’s time to step into our new beginning. Life will respond to us differently as we remember who we are and why we are here and step up 

Caring about ourselves

Caring about our children

Caring about everyone we interact with

Getting a little clearer every day about what we need and want and getting used to asking for it and receiving it. 

If you are the parent of a child or young person with PDA and these words speak to you then please come join us in our Facebook community here: