You have been handed THE most exciting invitation!!!

To tell the truth you may not have realised how ultra special, and totally limited edition your invitation is yet.

Yet in fact, it’s so much better because than anything you could imagine because it’s an invitation to unconditionally love a most AWESOME child with PDA aka Pathological Demand Avoidance ?

Oh I see you’ve already accepted the invitation!

I’m so so glad we will be there together.

Have you seen the listing for the top 10 amazing award categories yet??!

Just Wow!!! Here they are…

1. You are invited to be a totally conscious parent

2. You are invited to express & experience unconditional love

3. You are invited to look deeply into everything we’ve ever learnt abouut health & education

4. You are invited to learn how to hold space for another, & yourself

5. You are invited to know your own value

6. You are invited to experience heart centred connections and secure attachments

7. You are invited to express your authenticity

8. You are invited to have conversations that matter

9. You are invited to let go of old & limited beliefs

10. You are invited to learn to let go of control – and more – & some more!

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Love @PeaceWithPDA

So, how DO we go about this somewhat daunting task of parenting our child with PDA peacefully AND joyfully here in the real world then?

“We need to keep our kids who they are; the rest will follow”

Dr Shefali (Conscious Parenting)

Some days, I know, you feel like you are barely holding on.

Well you are where you are, & you can’t be anywhere else!

(Profound I know lol)

But seriously, wherever you are in this moment is not just relevant and OK, but it’s the perfect, and only place you can start from.

You can however, in an instant, change your perspective entirely.

Imagine you put your home address into Google Earth and then zoom right in so close to your front door that you can see the door knocker.

Now, zoom out and out until you can see your whole street, then your whole town, your whole county, your whole country… a real birds eye view.

It’s a lot clearer and freer up there isn’t it?

You have a much wider and more general perspective.

In life too, we can STOP or at least briefly PAUSE, and be aware in any moment.

Zoom out to see the wider picture at play!

Whatever your own belief system I think we all know there is a deeper clarity & peace that we can tap into when we breathe lovely deep breaths, when we relax our mind and body, and when we feel the pressure is taken off our shoulders.

Our modern day life doesn’t allow for even close to enough organic opportunities for reach that state often, if ever, so we learn techniques to help us reach those states on a more regular basis.

Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Breathe Work, Mindfulness and more can seem such great advice from well meaning people -and for many it’s valuable! I’m a massive fan myself!

And yet…

I’m also a Mum who understands why it simply may not be possible to find 15 minutes a day undisturbed to do these things right now, so I love to share EFT aka Emotional Freedom Techniques or nicknamed ‘Tapping’

EFT is really really simple to learn & to do and is super super quick to use and yet it works in unbelievable and surprising ways.

You can literally calm down your anger, stress, or worry with a quick round of ‘tapping’ when you make a cuppa, when you pop to the loo, or just before you go to sleep.

“Put away your skepticism, this really works…I’ve had great results with tapping in my own life”

Dr Wayne Dyer

Have YOU tried EFT yet?

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“Once your negative emotions, beliefs, and experiences have been processed and released, you are free to feel and be positive again”

Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution)

PDA Pathological Demand Avoidance

#PDA #PathologicalDemandAvoidance

“I love the parent I’m becoming”