“You need a break!” they say

“I do” I say

“You must be exhausted!” they say

“I manage” I say

PDA Society

Pathological Demand Avoidance

“You should really take care of yourself” they say

“I really do try” I say

“Are you not willing to let any help in ? they say

“I really am” I say!

“I could help” they say

“Thank-you” I say…


Pathological Demand Avoidance

– So THIS is how you can help

-And THIS is the time it will take to build a bridge with my child so they will let you

-AND this is what you will need to do to maintain it for next time you ask

“Oh” they say

(as they back away)

“Ah” I say

“I see you didn’t realise what help meant here?”

“No” they say

“Maybe not me then, but you should let help in!”

“Yes” I whisper

“You must let people in” they say

“Yes” I say “I’d like that”

“I am lonely, & tired – Here’s the key to the door” I say

“Ooooh, that’s a bit long and complicated to manage” they say

“I know” I say “But once you come you get to stay and we have a lot of love and fun to bring!!!”

“Sorry” they say “I’m too busy today”

”Take care, and take a break today!” (as they wave until far away…)

‘The Break’, with love ? @PeaceWithPDA