As an energy therapist I’m always researching new ways of helping the mind, body, & soul come back into balance.

Recently I’ve been researching Therapeutic Fasting.

Fasting features in so different ways throughout time in many cultures and religions. It’s claimed that fasting can support the mind, the body, & the spiritual self in amazing ways. 

I’m not here to advocate for fasting although I’ve enjoyed, very much, learning about the amazing self healing mechanisms of the body that come NOT from adding anything in, but in fact allowing natural space for digestion, rest, & replenishment. 




The time & space that arises in our day through breaks in eating when we fast were once upon a time so natural to us, and yet with food so abundantly and instantly available to most of us the practice is seen as an unusual, perhaps extreme choice my own culture. 

We have become so busy and crowded in our life in so many ways and it’s really interesting to step back and check in with ourselves about where we consciously allow space, and where we don’t. 

Over the years I’ve worked with so many wonderful parent clients interested in using EFT to heal a situation in their lives. Always, it’s about the letting go, not the adding in that brings in the change they’ve been seeking. 


Emotional Freedom Techniques


And yet, when we see something in our life that we judge not to be not working, not to be balanced, not to be how we want it, or simply ‘not right’ then we are so deeply conditioned to look for what we need to add in to set things right again. We begin to push, to fight, to try try try!

We feel we must be, and must be seen to be doing something. To be taking some action!

One of the things I’ve discovered in my own research into Therapeutic Fasting is how the time and space that arises naturally due to the things taken out (in the case of fasting not shopping for, preparing, cooking, eating, washing up & socialising and utilising leisure time through sharing food) can lead to a deeply emotional & uncomfortable response from within. 

In the space that we are so used to filling, or stuffing endlessly, arises our anxiety, our fear, our loneliness, our anger, our  lack of purpose all rises to the surface and we’d feel much more comfortable immediately if it were to be stuffed back down. 




I’ve witnessed a similar journey with the parents I support who make conscious changes around the way they raise their child with PDA. 

As one example, some parents of children with PDA choose, or fall into, making a practical change in how they educate their child. In the Home Education community we talk about the process of ‘Deschooling’ meaning the process of reversing our own, & our child’s conditioning around school and education. 

Doing things differently and facing a blank page as such, is enough to strike terror intro the hearts of the most loving of parents at times.

We are so so much more likely to succeed, stay on track, and feel uplifted when we are surrounded by a community who understand and who are sharing aspects of our journey and cheering us on!

It’s very easy as we’ve become trained so well to do it to identify what we call problems and look to find solutions. We want to feel better and as quick as possible – and that is natural and wonderful of course. However we approach that by ‘doing’ rather than releasing and that’s why we become like hamsters on a wheel full of fatigue, despair, and drained of energy & joy. 

When we are in the midst of deep pain, violence, struggle, stuckness, exhaustion, external pressure etc then no doubt it’s extremely difficult if we are not practiced at doing so to step back and allow some space for healing to arise. That takes a trust in a process we may not have built enough trust in yet and that’s both understandable and OK!

Yet as we lean in to our community also on this journey, we are held in love and we borrow some trust from others who have been there and we are more able to hold on to the bigger picture. 

We are allowing ourselves to be seen and held in the space of not yet knowing the answers, and seeing that we are loved supported and uplifted regardless. 

We ask to much of ourselves frequently to make sense of all this life is bringing us. 

For many of us we are taking in enormous amounts of new information quickly and sometimes it’s entirely overwhelming.

For others we are healing or unravelling deep conditioning around parenting, health, or education. 

Some are in the midst of illness, relationship stress, grief, depression, or financial stress. Many of us are isolated, judged, shamed.

Let’s not pretend it’s easy, but we can enjoy the ride when we heal together!

To heal requires loving patience with ourselves, taking of the pressure, finding freedom through this experience, being real and open hearted in our community, being open to learning and growing, allowing ourselves to not know the answers yet honour our commitment to unconditional love as we walk this untrodden path. We are required to embody the energy of the mothering energy we have always needed for ourselves. 

In the work I do with energy healing I highly recommend daily meditation. Some use other ways to get out of their head and retune themselves to that still inner voice such as yoga, walking in nature, dance, or music.

I truly understand how lacking in understanding and impossible it can be sometimes for someone to suggest to you taking up any of these in this moment of your greatest need dearest parent of a PDAer.

Looking for an answer myself recently on how to build some more exercise into my life I meditated on it – no just kidding! I watched a YouTube video, expecting of course to find all the answers lol and in this video they said “Anyone can find 30 mins a day to exercise!” and I’m thinking maybe not! 


My PDA Plege! Share more EFT


So, I share a tool that works very effectively and is really quick to learn and you can fit into your day in 1-2mins. That feels like something I can bring to you that I have absolute and total belief in that I do think you could manage any day even if it’s whilst you are just about to go to sleep or you’re on the loo. 

We need space and time to heal. To allow ourselves that we must make peace with where we stand today and lift the valve off the pressure cooker we’ve put ourselves in. 

Thanks for walking with me. I see you x


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