“Be Kind to your sleeping heart

Take it out to the vast fields of light…

And let it breathe!”



Heart Centred Parenting Practice

Parenting, before it even begins comes with an onslaught of information and advice.

Even if not directly offered, we’ve still picked up a whole heap of ideas about parenting ‘dos and don’ts’ from our parents & family, from school, from our culture, and from TV of course where children seem to bring very little change to a persons lifestyle, and so on.

Then comes pregnancy & the birth of your baby, and again we are flooded with information and conflicting advice wanted or otherwise, about what to do and how successfully parent!

Now, if you are the parent to a beautifully neurodiverse child, you don’t need me to tell you there was plenty more conflicting advice to come after that.  

Wherever you stand on your parenting path now, I’d like to offer you something simple but powerful that I believe will supercharge your own clarity, instincts, power, certainty & connection. 

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Peace With PDA

That’s all I ever want to bring you! I believe everything you need is already within you and I like to simply shine a light on ways you can tap into that for yourself. 

This simple but powerful tool is called ‘Heart Focused Breathing’

All you need to try it is a minute or two of relative peace & quiet.

You may like to close your eyes although you don’t need to once you are used to using the technique, and you can use it anywhere anytime!

? You’ll expand your connections with others

? You’ll expand your energy

? You’ll expand your personal growth

? You’ll expand your inner peace and calm

To breathe from your heart centre you breathe normally but a little more deeply. Don’t force it – just take smooth comfortable deep breaths & put your attention on your heart area.

? You may see your heart in your mind as an organ, a heart shape or another representation. It may have a colour, feel, or sound. However you put your attention on it is perfect. (You can, although you don’t have to, put your hand over your heart area to help you focus.)

? As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in through your heart. As you breathe out imagine you are breathing out through your heart. 

? You can imagine you are breathing love, light, peace, or a higher connection if you choose.


Pathological Demand Avoidance ?

It’s a great technique to use if you have a meeting coming up or your child is upset.

Try it and I’d love to hear how it works for you ?

Shine on my radiant friends! ???

“When a turbulent mind

And a wounded heart

Surrender to grace

Breathing is easy”

TG Hodge