Have the bath!

Oh loves

It’s Sunday afternoon and my daughter’s Granny offered to have a play with her which she always jumps on with vast enthusiasm.

I have 1 hour with, not NO chance of being interrupted, yet the closest chance I will get in a week. 

You know the conditioned  ‘Mum brain’ that tells you there is laundry to fold, there are calls to make, food to prep, birthday presents to wrap, online shopping to do, blogs to write 😉 etc…?

Responsibility!!! So ingrained

But my soul says…

“Lindsay I love & treasure YOU!

You’ve been feeling invisible and undervalued today. I’m listening!

Here’s the gift you asked for – now YOU are to put yourself first and remember as a woman what you need. 

See how I hear you and give you what you want?! Only YOU can take the action. 

Remember others will be a mirror for you and respond to you as you respond to yourself.”

I soak in the bath and listen to a meditation. I shave & moisturise & remember that I’m a woman who needs to treat myself with luxury and pleasure & choose actively to feel vibrant and attractive and alive with all my senses. 

I get out and want to write – if only short that’s OK, but here I am and my heart wants to write to you – not from a place of commitment or responsibility or ‘should’ but as a love note to me and then to you in my tribe to say have the bath!!! Or drink the hot tea, or message your friend, or read the book, or close your eyes, or watch Netflix, or paint your nails… just do it for you as a priority because you are a priority and not to be shoved to the bottom of the list.

It’s hard enough to grab moments in our parenting life so when you possibly can don’t be guilty or ashamed or try to justify with even a whisper.

Have the bath!

For those of you who don’t have that 1 hour or those 5 minutes then open your heart to allowing it and notice those 1 minutes or 2 minutes where there is peace and allow yourself to take a conscious breath and say to yourself “Yes this is good – more please!” And let it come 💓