I’m not a shy or reserved person.

I’m pretty confident and self-assured in fact. 

I have a lot of professional skills and experience that I’ve shared for years as a therapist, teacher, healer & coach. 

PeacewithPDA - Lindsay Guttridge

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Yet, this is a vulnerable space in my life.

I say that not out of any need, but because I know that has meaning for you too. 

I’m not flaky, disorganised, or inconsistent although I can appear that way to some because of the extreme flexibility I’ve chosen to give my child from my generous heart…as I see you doing also. 

I’m not over sensitive or fussy because I’m tuned into someone who depends on my emotional barometer to support them…as I see you doing also. 

I’m not lazy or wasting time because I choose to see the value of simply being present with my child…as I see you doing also.

I’m not struggling, or failing, or falling apart because I choose cuddles or play over washing up sometimes or because we take 20 teddies, 3 pairs of shoes, and 3 hours to leave the house to pop to the park…as I see you doing also.


Pathological Demand Avoidance

Being a gentle and conscious parent is raw, vulnerable, and emotionally exposing.

It’s like walking around with our insides on the outside and we can’t even explain ourselves.

Sometimes, that leads us to the most beautiful heart centred connections, and sometimes it exposes our past hurt and pain and shines a light on people, places, and patterns which are just not good for us right now.

Both of those lead us more fully into who we truly are. 

There is an interconnectedness and beauty that we’ve not built into our society, but it should be.

Russell Brand

It’s not weak – in fact this is the strongest I’ve ever been! 

It’s not small – the space I hold within me is vast…infinite!


PDA Family

My life is beautiful and it’s mine to create.

I adore my family and love my simple way of being.

It’s not glamorous, and it’s certainly not keeping up with ‘The Joneses’

It’s not goal focused or especially progressing anywhere visible to the outside world.

It’s hard to know what to share in blogs and on social media sometimes because I’m ‘just’ being here, with my child, loving her and witnessing her authentic unfolding.

That’s not a skill especially celebrated in society, although I bring everything I AM and ever have been to it, and I see you doing the same – quietly, consistently, lovingly and patiently.

BEing enough, because although you’re just one person, you hold the love and knowing of the universe in your heart. 

Nothing has ever drawn the focus and desire from me to understand and love life, to claim freedom, and to draw joy out of every single aspect of my life like being a Mum to this child. 

There is such freedom in having nothing to hold one back!

Wayne Dyer

I’m thankful beyond words for the gift being a parent is to me.